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Roy L. Rummler: Abide With Me

abide with me cd

While choir renditions provide a simple, clear beauty, the full orchestra in this cd brings a cascade of colors and blends found in no other mediums. We invite you to read the narrative to more fully understand the connection between the instruments, the arrangement, and the original music, then listen to the excerpts..

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1. Abide With Me; "Tis Eventide(Listen)
The tolling of the bell and the stillness of night–a kind of loneliness–open this song and the CD. A solo cello breaks into a more "verbal" request–even pleading–for comfort and assistance from the Master. As the song progresses, the feeling evolves into one of support and comfort. The end brings back the bell, reminding us that the loneliness of the world still exist, but with the assurance that we are not alone.
2. Amazing Grace (Listen)
This traditional hymn that was inspired by John Newton's near brush with death on a ship in a raging sea, features the often used bagpipes with their unique sound and drone. Eventually, the strings take over and allow our ears to adjust. Eventually, the poignant bagpipe reappears with assistance from the rest of the orchestra.
3. Love At Home (Listen)
This more modern hymn is introduced in a simple way and continues on in that fashion. The lilting theme is passed back and forth between various instruments and sections depicting the different members in the home and the contributions each makes.
4. O My Father (Listen)
The arrangement of this song begins with the piano accompanied by a violin playing a theme reminiscent of another related song having to do with our relationship to God. The oboe accompanied by the orchestra, picks up the beautiful melody by James McGranahan, setting a calm but positive atmosphere. The orchestra continues on with a strong affirmation, that in the text to the hymn, acknowledges God as our father, that he loves and cares for us, and that someday–beyond this life–we will be with him and our heavenly mother again
5. We Thank Thee, O God, For A Prophet (Listen)
Often this hymn is sung with great exuberance and volume. Although done in this way is somewhat appropriate–rejoicing at living in a time when a prophet directs the
work–the song is in reality, a prayer. This arrangement begins with a quiet reverence captures the quiet, humbleness, and sincere gratitude for the leadership and direction provided by a prophet.
6. Though Deepening Trials (Listen)
Hardship, struggle, and persecution have been part of getting through life and standing by beliefs regardless of group or situation. This arrangement depicts that feeling. However, it also sews a thread of persistence and determination, and finally, of triumph.
7. Come, Come Ye Saints (Listen)
Long a standard for members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints in remembrance of pioneers who had serious trials, this song can be also applicable to other groups, and even the everyday challenges in today's world.. This arrangement starts as it should in a quiet and humble way with a lone entity struggling–in this case portrayed by a bassoon. It evolves into a marching song slowed only by experiencing the pains of mortality. However, the realization that there is a triumph in the end, returns the strength and the resounding cry: "all is well."
8. The River Is Wide (Listen)
This spiritual classic beings with a violin flurry representing freedom, then settles down to the melancholy sound of the English horn accompanied by the peaceful sound
of the river. The song evolved out of the pain of living captured and enslaved. These people thought of death–crossing the river–as relief.
9. Joseph's First Prayer (Listen)
Appropriately, in this arrangement, the orchestra provides a continual upward movement–a feeling of ascension–of looking up into the heavens. This not only directs our view physically, but also spiritually, and attempts to help us capture some of the magnitude of that event.
10. God Is Love (Listen)
Once known as "Earth, With Her Ten Thousand Flowers," this light and upbeat song is the pleasant way to begin or end a day.

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