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New Peace to Bring
for SATB choir

Words that fit today set to a favorite melody: In Humility, Our Savior
In this world of sin and terror give us power to see the way.
When our hearts are weak and fainting, open doors to win the day.
Please forgive our imperfections; help us shun the tempter's power
Deep within our hearts are yearning. Guide us through this midnight hour.
All around trials abound; sin and pain seem every where
Satan's work is ever present; earth is groaning in despair.
Leave us not alone dear Father, ruler of eternity.
Take our hands and guide our footsteps, through each door give us the keys.
Lighten loads, a new day dawning, breaking forth with radiant light.
Brighten hearts with sweeter vision, bring the world to greater heights.
Come again oh great redeemer, come again , new peace to bring.
Then when all is right and joyous, when the evil force is chained.
Bright will be the world around us heaven's gifts upon us rain.
Oh that we might stand before thee cleansed from all our wordly ways.
With our faults and sins forgiven, then prepared for heaven's ways.

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