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"My ward choir sang your arrangement of Come, Come Ye Saints this last Sunday and when we were done and I sat down, I saw tears in the eyes of many in the congregation. Your arrangement is wonderful!"
T.N. - Washington  

"It is a beautiful arrangement. I was a pianist for a choir in Park City, Utah several years ago and our choir sang your arrangement." K.T. - Utah 

"One Sunday the Choir sang Come, Come Ye Saints as the closing number and just raised the roof of the Chapel. It added so much to the spirit of the meeting, Many were in grateful tears at the end of the session. Thanks for your inspired works." J.N. - Washington

"Your arrangement of Come, Come Ye Saints is inspired! It provides variation and interest without complication. You've also managed what I think is most difficult - you've maintain, if not increased, the reverence of the hymn. I am so thankful to have found your music; I'll be a returning customer.

Our choir managed to learn the entire piece today in 45 minutes - a ward choir director's dream! We'll polish over the next few weeks and perform for "Pioneer Sunday" next month. Thank you so very much for sharing your talent with the world."
A.B. - Michigan

for SATB choir

 I envision pioneer singing not as a great exuberant choir with organ or orchestral backing.  I see a weary but brave and dedicated people.  This arrangement starts from weariness.  But music touches beyond physical.  It is a force that propels the body to do what is shouldn't be expected to do.  Thus, the spirit takes over, the body forgets, and as the song continues, the strength grows.  Even the thought of death is not a horrible burden.  The valiant know that when engaged in the right, there is nothing to fear; truly, all is well.  This purchase allows 30 copies to be made.

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